Saturday, April 20, 2013

To Dos in Londontown

Our first stop on the trip is London, England, of Great Britain, the United Kingdom, and the British Isles. Look it up.

To lower the airfare costs and finagle a completely uninterrupted weekend flouncing from market to market, we're arriving on a Thursday morning.

I have an itinerary Plan A—which consists of me trying to muffle my slave driving sight seeing instincts—and a Plan B, entitled Mission Jet Lag, that would allow me to check out a few new galleries and shops while boyfriend naps. The map below has every possible option, so imagine a much more pared down version.

London for me is all about markets, markets, markets. Sprinkle in a few new things (Camden Passage, maybe a trip to Kew Gardens) and you've got yourself a solid trip. We're also meeting up with my friend from college and a British friend who lives outside of the city. He had offered to drive us around a bit—and believe me, I was paralyzed with joy deciding between the Downton Abbey estate or Leavesden Studios, where they filmed Harry Potter—but I don't think we'd have enough time to do justice to London itself. So we'll be drinking at Camden Lock, which is a much more interesting proposition.

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Less than a week to go, friends!

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