Thursday, April 11, 2013


Okay, let's work backwards and talk about the second half of our trip. Vacation planning can be a total chore for some people. For me, it falls somewhere between finding the last dress in your size (on super sale), and taking the first sip of your wine after a really long day. In short: pure, unadulterated euphoria.

Here's the interesting and incredibly challenging part of figuring out the itinerary: we need to balance introducing Paris—and France, and Europe, really—to the boyfriend WHILE allowing a total Paris slut like me to go nuts vis-à-vis shopping and museum visiting.

On the list

Example standard first time visit to Paris: Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Marais.

My last trip to Paris before the end of study abroad: Canal Saint-Martin, Ile Saint-Louis, weird Montmartre gallery displaying Pete Doherty's blood-stained, needle-littered artwork.

Is that a good way to show off Paris? Sure. But that ain't no picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower, is what I'm saying.

Hence throwing myself into some pre-vacation planning.

Louvre for a first timer

Louvre for an insider

First up: cutting my list of "museum MUST visits—absolutely have TO DO" from about 12 to 3. THREE. I took a modern art history class in Paris, people, and that made me incredibly annoying about these places. I could spend DAYS expounding Dadaism and pointillism—not very well, but I sure would try; hurrying stunned guests through the Louvre in 20 minutes ("The Mona who?"); and lying through my teeth ("Je suis étudiante en l'histoire de l'art") to gain free entry to all and sundry.

So here's the map of all the best things. I won't show you the actual, edited itinerary because it's bound to change. Also, it's terrifying. Hopefully we can spend time in just a few arrondissements everyday—and while we're there, use the map to find nearby museums, stores and cafés.

View Pareeee in a larger map

What am I missing? What have you always wanted to do in Paris? Have I completely run you into the ground on this subject? Why do I have such a penchant for run-on sentences when I write about exciting things?

(Earlier: my map for the Loire Valley and some Paris inspiration)


Nellie said...

I lived in Belleville and absolutely loved it. Go to the Parc de Belleville - incredible views, not as many crowds as Montmartre. I lived right above Zoe Bouillon, which was a soup place with barbies in the front window (hilarious and weird). There is an AMAZING Vietnamese place called Chez Yu that makes the best beef luc lac

Anna said...

That sounds amazing, thank you!

Did you ever climb the Arc de Triomphe or Notre Dame? I refuse to do the Eiffel Tower again. I love the view from Printemps but I'm open to other options.

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