Thursday, December 20, 2012

Preferable to Coal

Oh my gosh, so. Christmas is almost here. I made a list and checked it a few times (CHRISTMAS SOMEWHAT JOKE), and here is what I sure wouldn't mind finding under the tree on Christmas morning.

Let it be noted that I am posting this now, after most logical and responsible people will have purchased theoretical Christmas presents. It's not a "honey do" so much as a "look at all the pretty."

Under the Christmas tree

1: Give me ALL of the things, including these cute pom poms.

2: I want to amass a horde of these and other interesting stones, crystals, minerals and display all my jewelry and wealth and gold coins on them. Or I could throw them in a terrarium, who's to say?

3: Oh hey, the perfect way to bounce more pretty, precious light around my apartment. Sold.

4: I've been spying on these for months and just realized they sold out of my size. HOW WILL I COPE AHHHH.

5: I belieeeeve these frames might be coming home with me in 2013. A well-timed gift certificate to Warby Parker wouldn't go amiss.

6: Nothing wrong with a vintage yellow Dank Kobenstyle pot. Nothing at all.

7: Pasta attachments for ye old KitchenAid.

8: Gemstone 2013 calendar! Yeahhh buddy.

9: I'm so much about hanging glass terrariums right now, guys. In fact, give me anything pretty made of glass and I will take it. Want wantwant.

10: My heart broke when my gorgeous fiddle leaf fig up and contracted spider mites. I had to leave it on the sidewalk outside in the cold so it wouldn't infest my other plants and it tipped over and dirt spilled out like blood and WAAAAA it was seriously wrenching. Sniff. This is a Christmas post. Pull yourself together.

So yeah, another fiddle leaf fig would fill this ficus-sized hole in my heart.

And finally, who doesn't love a gift card? Nobody, that's who. I would especially take that stack of $50 ones, since Amazon Prime has transformed me into a hunched over creature whose clicker finger has worn away looking for Amazon deals on everything.

Merry merry.

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