Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Ones That Got Away

As an avid observer in and of the world, I frequently come across things I simply MUST ACQUIRE. O online shopping, you demon harpy! Amazon Prime, the scourge! Damned be to Hell my ability to memorize a credit card number and not multiplication tables!

When I see something I like and not love, I drop it into my mental folder system (or literal, in the case of my Etsy favorites) and try to keep my clicker finger from making a snap purchase. That usually results in a lower rate of buyer's remorse (and higher bank account, huzzah), but sometimes I haz a sad when things sell. To not me.

Here are the ones that got away.

The ones that got away

1: A beautiful sea green wall sconce that, on second thought, wouldn't work in my living room. But picture it somewhere cool, sexing up the place.

2: Ugghhh, a Kate Spade croissant coin purse. Inexplicably priced over $100, eventually dropped to a low low sale price, and I missed out. Sad. Face.

3: This cool Mid Century standing globe cries out for a corner in my bedroom. Hush, little globe, cry no more.

4: I am certain it was the price that kept me from indulging in this coral 1960s bed jacket, but look.

5: I mentioned this guy a while back and foolishly waited too long. For those days when color simply won't do.

6: Shut up, they're cute.

7: Because sparkles.

8: I didn't need unicorn brass bookends then, but ho boy do I need them now.

I'm not sure if I have a good lesson here. Buy more stuff? I don't know.

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rox said...

I have to agree...online shopping (and for me, it's Amazon)- is so easy and amazing its frightening. haha. however- it's made my holiday shopping SO EASY...it's another AMAZON CHRISTMAS for me!

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