Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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UGH finally—FINALLY FINALLY—I am making my triumphant return to my two favorite of favoritest cities: Paris and London. I bullied the boyfriend into getting his passport, I opened a travel rewards credit card, I pestered and saved (sort of) and dreamt and finally, we are going for a visit. This spring, I will set boots on the ground and kiss turf.

After studying abroad five years ago in London and Paris, I've only been back to London for a long weekend and not at all to Paris.

But let's talk London, shall we?

We will fly into London Heathrow (I love that goddamn airport, so sue me, I do), dance in the streets under Union Jack bunting, buy every single blasted flower at Columbia Road Flower Market, clean the floor of Borough Market with my happy tears, run Shoreditch High Street into the ground and snooze somewhere in South Kensington, so as to be closer to the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A. Are you listening to me? There's a Bowie exhibit at the V&A that I can go to WITH MY BODY.

A friend who lives nearby even offered to drive us around if we want to explore outside of the city. I nearly threw my back out when I realized I could singlehandedly direct us to Highclere Castle, of Downton Abbey fame, or to the Harry Potter lot tour (don't think I wouldn't do it) or to Oxford, which I adore.

It's almost not fair how much I love this city. What else could compare? (Other than Paris, coming soon.) To celebrate, here are some images tagged London from my Tumblr. You can see all my own London pictures here.

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