Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's a Clog Clog World

Despite my past difficulties with clogs, I've been obsessed. OBSESSED. With clog boots recently.

I'd been told that No 6 clogs were the best bet (by my hair stylist, who was at that very moment suffering through breaking in her soulless Swedish Hasbeen boots that she hated). However, I couldn't possibly imagine shelling out $400 for the privilege of stomping around on a wooden sole attached to leather by STAPLES.

Enter Nina Z. For the past year, I'd skulked around their booth at the Brooklyn Flea and tried desperately to squeeze into the sample sale sizes they were selling for half the price. To no avail. Finally, I decided I was a grown ass woman who was pining for shoes, God help me, and so I should just do it.


$245 later, I am floating on clouds. Hard, wooden clouds.

They are super comfy so far.* I love the look. And if they rip or fall apart, the man who sold them to me swore up and down he'd repair them.

To clogs! Skål!

*By 7, I was ready to take them off and switch to slippers, but that's normal for new shoes.

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rox said...

LOL...your 'hard wooden clouds' statement literally had me cracking up.

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