Monday, October 8, 2012

Sleepy Morning

Last night, my downstairs neighbor (who doesn't appear to have a "real" job, quote unquote) had a techno party late into the night. When I say techno and party, I mean he blasted some super bass-y music straight through the floorboards into my pillow and kept me awake until the wee hours.

My alarm went off at 6:30, but I would have rather grated my face into cheese than get up. I decided to skip the gym and get an extra two hours of sleep. When I woke up again, completely refreshed, I wandered around the apartment and tried to work up the courage to take off my warm clothes.

It's cold now, you see.

I finally found a lampshade and a spot for the huge cork hulk I scored on eBay. Spoiler alert for the paint color we chose in the office/dining room.


I forgot about a pear in the kitchen and ended up with about 20 fruit flies. Turns out, you catch more flies with vinegar.



My Philodendron is growing like a weed.


And the other plants have been enjoying frequent baths. I realized that my fear of overwatering had actually dried out most of them.


The growing hat collection.


Getting ready to put on my face... next to the window. Brr.


And after, ready to go to work. I broke out my wool cape today and tucked a scarf into my bag. I adore fall.


Rox said...

we do the vinegar trick in our apartment for fruit flies too! apparently if you also put a dash of dawn dish soap (the blue kind) it helps them stick to it more (ie- you'll catch more faster). kinda gross...but works.

Anna said...

It's a fantastic trick. There are still a few zooming around the apartment, but I forsee their imminent death by drowning.

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