Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ride the Wave

The bedroom is painted. Repeat: I did that shit.

We got so lucky during the hurricane and were able to relax comfortably with fresh water, cooled food and shiny, shiny electricity. That left a lot of downtime. I finally jumped on my to do list and painted the bedroom.

Let me point you again to the before:


So the plan was to do a soft, greenish blue-gray color and try painting halfway up the wall. The reason: keep part of the wall white to bounce as much light as possible while also adding some depth with color. Plus, we have chair molding on most of the walls, so hopefully using a color would pick out the detail.

Here's how it looks now:



I really like how it turned out. The color is Benjamin Moore Green Wave, which looks almost like Kitchen Aid pistachio on the far wall and very vivid next to the window.


The plan is to get a "new" Oriental rug, triple the plant count (just kidding. Maybe.) and eventually get a new bed and dresser. Ikea furniture just doesn't have the stamina for our lives, I guess.


And it matches boyfriend's globe. Perfect.

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rox said...

looks fabulous!! great color choice...and I love that you painted below the molding. makes me want to redo our bedroom now.

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