Monday, September 3, 2012

On Touristing Your Own City

When I studied abroad, I forced my ass out of bed early every weekend and went exploring. And taking a modern art class in Paris encouraged me to check out most of the major, must-see museums. I touristed, guys. I touristed like a big, fat touristing thing.

(Speaking of Paris, I nearly had a run in with some art at the Pompidou during a class trip—after returning from an all nighter in Prague, I started nodding off in the direction of one of the works. Afterwards, I schlepped home, took off my clothes, got into bed and cried with exhaustion and relief that I could finally go to sleep.)

I do an okay job of seeing the sites in New York, but it's been a long time since I tried a new museum. After sleeping in this morning, I pried myself off the couch and decided it was the perfect day to visit the Guggenheim.


Thanks to the aforementioned modern art class in Paris, I've seen a good amount of the stuff. Dada manifesto? I speak it. I was excited to see the Guggenheim, because I know they have a solid collection, plus a little side gallery of Impressionists.



I was not disappointed. The main gallery was doing the usual suspects (Pollick, De Kooning, Rothko) and there was a Kandinsky retrospective to boot.

The gallery is laid out in a big spiral and reaching the pinnacle does bring with it a sense of accomplishment. Look at me! I climbed the Gugg! I HAVE done something today!


Plus, Shake Shack after. Come on.


And so I am glad to have touristed my own city today. I still want to see Fireflies on the Water by Yayoi Kusama at the Whitney and cross the bridge into Long Island City for PS 1. And I imagine the New Museum is like the Palais de Tokyo—weiiiird shit—so that's on my List too. Three cheers for being half an hour away from WORLD CLASS ART, GUYS.


Julie said...

Love the Guggenheim! And totally agree that the spiral climb gives one a sense of accomplishment. And a calorie deficit, which you filled exactly the way I would have :)

his little lady said...

that architecture is absolutely stunning! what a beautiful. and i always hear about shake shack. need to get my butt to NYC asap!!
xo TJ

Loulou said...

Hi Anna. Excellent photos. It's funny to read this post today because only yesterday I touristed for the first time in ages in my city Toronto. I went to city hall which is a really neat looking building with a big square out front. As I was snapping away a friendly fellow offered to take my picture for a souvenir of my visit to the city!


Anna said...

Loulou, I've never been to Toronto but I hear it's beautiful!

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