Monday, September 17, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fall

Saturday morning, we picked up the CSA and caressed the various autumnal items. Look how SQUASH-y the acorn squash is.


I had to work most of the rest of the day, so Sunday we dedicated to being outside.


We rode our bikes to Greenpoint for brunch.


I went on to the Brooklyn Flea.


And then Sprout. I am incapable of going in without immediately dropping $50. It's a sickness I don't care to recover from.



New planter on top, see?

The rest of the afternoon and night was relaxing, which is just what I needed. I feel a cold coming on. Flemmy.


To the changing seasons!


Rox said...

love your plants and new little planter. oh- and I totes want to steal that yellow chevron pillow of yours!

Sarah Noel said...

Oh my. Apple and peanut butter? I think I have had that once a day since fall has begun. It looks like you had a perfect day!

the Reverie blog

his little lady said...

Oh gosh, I'm definitely suffering from the stuffy flemmy cold. No fun! But these pictures are so beautiful. And are definitely calling the fall season :)
xo TJ

Coco Draws said...

Loved this post and all your photos. :)

Anna said...

Thanks so much!

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