Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I think I started needing glasses in third grade. Don't quote me on that.

I got a pair of pink frames that I grew to detest, and that kicked off a career in wearing specs every day.

Growing up with glasses is a singular experience. I assume it's similar to having braces. Glasses are always just THERE, fogging up when you're making snowmen and getting slammed by soccer balls when you're trying to tend goal. It wasn't bad, I survived, and now glasses are cool.

I'm not sure when that happened exactly, but you can't throw a stone at your Google Reader without seeing some crackpot paid blogger tramping around in clear lenses (FRAUD), showing off her FREE and DELICIOUSLY COOL frames for all and sundry to admire.

I finally decided that I was going to give my perpetually contacted eyes a break and waded into the cheap glasses market. Having grown up with an annual pair of nonsexy glasses, the idea of getting to have cool frames (and maybe MORE than one pair??) threw me for a bit.

My first Warby Parker try on (and my second, and then the one where I popped into a pop up store to make absolutely sure) went pretty well, for what I was looking for. Then I went in a completely different direction and settled on these.


Tada, voilĂ , meet the Preston. They have a nice, pronounced tortoiseshell. Professorial.


For quote unquote cheap glasses (super skinny lenses for my horrible prescription cost more), they are nice. Lightweight. I wear them a few days a week and my eyes thank me.

But I felt an itch only another pair of frames could... you know. So sue me, I wanted cat eye glasses and I was going to get them. Warby Parker didn't have them. Vintage frames are too small and make my face look pinched.

I essentially wanted these. And the face that went with them, obviously.

I mosied around Bonlook and picked the Marquise.



These guys are heavier and tighter than the Warby Parkers (curves in the back hook behind ears), which means they don't slide off my nose. That does mean, however, that my nose is getting a little squeezed. It's something I could probably get fixed with standard doctors office glasses, but you don't exactly pay for that kind of service when you buy quote unquote cheap frames. (The lenses, again.)


I'm going to give them another day or two of testing, because I am absolutely in love with them. Look at that caauuuute little cat eye wing up on each side.

So, who wins in Warby Parker vs. Bonlook?

  • Both have great customer service, but Bonlook shipped twice as fast. 
  •  Warby Parker has home try on and pop ups in some major cities, so I could keep trying on frames until I settled on The One. 
  •  Bonlook had more varied frames to choose from.

Cons? Warby Parker's lenses seem to get dirty reallly fast, much faster than my "real" glasses always did. And Bonlook's frames are a little up in my grill at the moment, while the hinges are a bit loose. Hopefully I can wear them in.

So, glasses are glasses. Fun glasses are fun. And Lasik is drawing ever closer.

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

toughie... speaking strickly off of the look... I like the Warby ones! but I do know how important clean lens and comfort is!

Julie said...

How cool! I got glasses in second grade, so I'm with you on the hit-in-the-face with soccer balls business. No bueno. Love both of these, but I always have a soft spot for tortoise shell.

Rox said...

tough call- I like the shape of the bonlook (it's so 'how to meet a millionaire')...but I feel like the warby is more versatile? my vote is warby.

Anna said...

I'm keeping 'em both! Thanks for weighing in!

Anonymous said...

You are so pretty!

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