Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I'm a flipflopper. My stance on Instagram was, at one time, probably what some would have called "negative." (Spare me the "this is a contact sheet print... that I took with my phone" borders.) However, I've really been paying attention to what friends and internet people have recently been doing with the app. So I'm in it now. For teh win, as it were.

The nice thing is, I can really avoid using it in ways that annoy me. If certain filters or crops or subject matters are your bag, I am pro-your bag. But my MO is usually putting my picture through VSCO, then uploading it straight to my feed. No muss or fuss or anything else.

The other nice thing is that Instagram sort of encourages me to take pictures of myself. Not in vanity, mind, but in a rather "this is my fucking life, after all" way that I like. I was advised "no selfies" by a fellow Instagram user, but I think sprinkling in a few here and there is nice.



I'm here, if you're so inclined. I had a brief love affair with Whitagram, but it only looks nice on the app itself. Life.

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