Monday, July 9, 2012

Sew Money

Something I forgot to crow about: I sewed a dress. Me!

A few months ago, I stumbled across a Daily Candy deal for sewing classes at Sew Moni, a cute little studio in the neighborhood. The beginning dress class taught me how to take a pattern, modify it for my measurements, and then sew the whole thing myself. It was a pretty simple pattern, but yours truly added a few extra inches to each measurement: after all, what could be worse than a too-tight dress? The answer is, nothing, but a close second would be a dress that's way too big.

So I pin it instead of fixing it, cinch everything together with a belt, and go about my day. If my boobs look matronly, let's hope people pass it off to the wrap top that doesn't quite wrap the way it's supposed to.

Here it is, better late than never. The lovely yellow gingham fabric is from JEM in TriBeCa, and the cardigan is oldoldold from H&M. Those new shoes? I bought myself those from Madewell as a prize for winning our company's Belmont hat contest. I guess taking a huge flower crown I made and adding plastic ponies and fake 100 dolla bills to a hat is enough to win. (It totally, totally was. Epic.)



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