Friday, July 6, 2012

Loire Itinerary

Yours truly is quite the Francophile.

Is it obvious? Did I give it away?

I've been exceptionally lucky in life to spend a chunk of it in France. Not a big chunk, but one that spans Paris, its nearby areas like Giverny and Courances and Versailles, Provence, Auch, the Mediterranean coast to the south (from Nice all the way to Monaco, which isn't France, but), Strasbourg to the east, Burgundy and Lyon to the east-ish, Rennes in Brittany to the west. I've even been to Condom. You name it, I probably at one point drove through it.

With one exception. I've never done the Loire chateaux.

It's weird! I get off on fairy tales and châteaux and ambling lawns. I studied the Loire throughout my French learning career, and I know it's where the language is supposedly purest. I've also determined that a nice Sancerre on a warm day is my single favorite thing to do when it comes to wine.

My next trip to France will include a rental car, a few missed turns and, hopefully, at least one night's stay in a château near the châteaux.

The first must visit is Chenonceau. It was built over a river.


I also need to see Chambord, the château of a million cheminées.

Thinking in Greatness...



And finally, there is the Château Ussé. It's the one on which Sleeping Beauty was based.

Château d'Ussé


Brb, day dreaming on the train to Connecticut. Have a good weekend.

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