Thursday, July 5, 2012


I have a habit of wearing a lot of jewelry at the same time. My friends think it makes me look old, or poor, or like a gypsy who wears her wealth. Whatever other people think, I love having around seven (I know) rings on my fingers, most days.


On my left hand are three rings from my friendly neighborhood enabler, Catbird. one, two, and three. I bought the fancier Victorian ring from Luxe Deluxe's fantastic antique ring shop.



The other hand is another Catbird ring, this antique from my late grannie, and a cool circular ring that fits around it.

Lest you think I regularly blow my savings on this stuff [err...], some places like Catbird actually do regular discount vouchers at sites like Refinery. Sign up for the email and keep a weathered eye out.

I think my next ring purchase will be this pointy one from Odette. It's pretty and sharp enough to cut anyone who gets too close. I could also go for a poison ring, but that will take some time, research, and poison.

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