Monday, May 21, 2012

Lick of Paint

I have big plans for this weekend. Whether they will come to pass is purely speculation, since the boyfriend is out of town on Saturday and I have a serious hankering to can some jam after my pie making class at the Brooklyn Kitchen. But a Plan we have, and here is the Plan:

Painting the apartment.

We're totally both white wall people, but the siren call of Pinterest and this post by Emily Henderson has me thinking we need something stimulating on the walls—something that doesn't have to be bright or neon or difficult. We can do gray. Gray is okay.

For the dining room, a soft gray would warm things up a bit while adding depth.

Benjamin Moore's Gray Timber Wolf is speaking to me.

We spend a lot of time in the slightly cavernous living room, which I would love to paint dark gray. I just want to paint something dark gray, and this might be where the magic happens.

Farrow & Ball's Down Pipe sure is nice, but my all-knowing mother informed me that can be a pricey paint. Maybe something similar but cheaper, then.


And for the bedroom, I had a tussle in my heart. I want to keep splashing paint everywhere, but I really dig the white light bouncing off my white walls onto my white bedding. See where this is going? A friend suggested I play off the wainscoting (see here) and paint half the wall. That way, I get the warmth of color while embracing the light of the top half.

Like this.

Or this. And I think this bluish gray is perfect. It fits in with the other two and gives a little tickle—not a punch—of visual interest.

So am I crazy? Will painting a dark room a very dark color make it darkerer? Is it possible to do three rooms in one weekend? What kind of jam should I make?

We'll see how it goes.

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