Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Show and Tell

This Easter, I was in lovely Connecticut with the boyfriend's family. I managed to get a 15 minute trip to an antique mall (who am I), and I picked up a few things. Check it out:


Nearly pristine Pyrex Snowflake mixing bowl for $10, a pink Depression glass for $12, a salty sea captain figure (guess who picked that out) and an old picture of a stern I-think-they're Edwardian couple. The mixing bowl fits in nicely with my new... Pyrex butter dish. I can't help myself.



My air plant is digging its new home. While we're showing and telling, I also scored this $75 Turkish rug on eBay. I want to essentially carpet the new place in faded old rugs to cut down on the creaks and attempt to level the floor a smidge. It's sometimes like walking on the deck of a ship in there, what with all the not level footing.



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Geneva Garcia said...

Wow Amazing finds! I love antiques too. We have a lot here at home! I like the air plant. :)

Oh, and please visit my blog if you have time.

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