Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Digs

I moved....! Yes, I did it. Well, we did it. It's half the boyfriend's apartment, after all. And let's be frank—my part of the move consisted of nervously drinking coffee and trying to stay out of the movers' way. The crew we hired off Craigslist put my entire apartment, my home, my LIFE into their van in one trip and drove it a few blocks north. We're in a primo Williamsburg spot. Whereas I was on S1st and Berry before, now we're on N7th, a four-minute walk to the subway and near a quiet, beautiful school. Here's how it looks. Keep in mind, these are warts-n-boxes-n-all. The previous tenant had been here for 10 years, so the place smelled strongly of cigarettes, and cracks in the wall are still waiting to be fixed. We can't hang anything or paint until that's taken care of, so we've cautiously spread out a bit and already love...everything.

Bedroom Windows Bedroom

Bedroom. I initially wanted this to be the living room, since there's a bed-sized walk-in closet right off this, to the left. However, there's basically no other storage in the entire apartment, so we would have to pay upwards of $500 on stand alone wardrobes. Thus, we moved the bed to the "living room" and unloaded alllll my dresses into the closet.


See? And I even get my own little vanity table in there:

Vanity in Closet

Let's move into the rest of the apartment:

Bedroom Facing the Kitchen

That's from the bedroom, facing the kitchen at the end. There are two middle rooms that are actually pretty deep. We fit everything into the spaces with middle hallway breathing room.

Desk Area

Desk and future home of my sewing machine.

Dining Area

Across from it, the dining table and the record player nook.

TV Area

Next to that, the TV and all its accoutrements.


Aaand across from that, the couch. These rooms are pretty dark, so I've already got a game plan to brighten everything up. For starters, the couch needs wall sconces or a big floor lamp. I ordered bistro lights for the desk/dining room. I want to hang them like this. Okay, now we're in the kitchen.


It's a big guy. We're very lucky. Of course, with a prolific chef (him) and a middling baker (moi), we have a lot of shit. As you can see.

Kitchen Facing the Bedroom

So here's facing the bedroom. All the boxes in the kitchen comprise where we'll need another butcher's block for service area and storage.


I'd love to put a big, hulking cabinet in this corner as a pantry or more appliance/dish storage. We're facing the bathroom door here.

Kitchen Hanging Plant

Recent craft project. I used embroidery thread instead of rope.

Kitchen Facing the Bathroom

That yellow dresser was a Greenpoint street find. Happily, two Ikea baskets fit in the missing bottom drawer just perfectly.


Hey look, the terrarium I made survived.


My KitchenAid survived.

KitchenFire Escape The fire escape Bathroom

You want to see the bathroom. Don't lie. It's actually bigger than the typical New York bathroom. (Meaning, in this case, that there's a sink in there. And a grown adult can spin in a circle without touching anything.)

Air Plants

My air plants like when we take hot showers. (Aaah the dirty windows! I know, I know.) So there you have it, basically. The place. What do you think?


Ramilicious said...

LOVE IT! Love the yellow dresser find, it's awesome! and I want you to help me make one of those hanging plants in a jar thingies...

Anna said...

Super easy! The hard part is finding pink rope, which is why I went with embroidery thread. It's not as thick, obviously, but it works pretty well:

Carrola said...

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