Sunday, April 22, 2012

Got My Eye On Again

As it's me and as I always have about 70 things I need to buy at all times, here's an abridged list of my latest Etsy favorites.

What bathroom is complete without some old medicine jars? I mean, really. Imagine some Q-tips and bobby pins in those guys.

Summer Wildflowers? Don't mind if I do. Unfortunately, I have put a moratorium on buying prints, since the apartment is quite literally nearly plastered in frames.

Brass body harness. To fulfill my Xena cosplay dreams and transform the average girly blouse into something... dangerously sexy.

In my heart of hearts, I genuinely know I need a bright yellow enamelware fondue set.

Give me a beveled glass plant topper and I will go out and buy some plants.

There we have it.

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