Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sew Close

My first ever pattern-based sewing project.

Wooooooodon't get too excited. This is the definition of hot mess.

Somehow my attempt at bias binding turned into a futuristic '60s collar. (Which, if I had to mess something up, is a pretty cool mistake.) What did I do wrong? Maybe not using bias tape. Or pulling it tight enough? I don't know.

The fabric is from Repro Depot, which doesn't appear to be working anymore. The pattern is loooosely based on this free pattern.

I think my main problem is not truly understanding seam allowance. I added an inch around the whole pattern (they recommend 5/8", but hell if I'm going to be able to measure that), but then kind of sewed at random. Maybe that's why my little cap sleeves turned into a baggy sleeveless top.

As fas as first shots go, this one isn't too bad. Next time, I'm going to get either a solid or easy patterned fabric. (This one didn't have enough to do one panel in the front, so I had to cut it twice and the pattern is going in two directions and looks weird). And, it'll be in a much lighter cotton, so it hangs more like a t-shirt. I might even try to add sleeves or a zipper. And not mess up the neckline. Oh boy.

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