Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Instant Satisfaction, Part I

In a fit of nostalgia a few years ago, I bought a Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera. Nostalgia for what, exactly, is not clear—I wasn't even born when they stopped producing them in 1981. HOWEVER, I bought into a dying art right at the bitter end and got a few rolls of hilariously overpriced film to go with it.

Welcome to the family

Of course, the SX-70 doesn't really work with contemporary Polaroid film—everything is way overexposed, even on the highest setting. You do get a beautifully dreamy effect (and for me, it tends to be yellowish), like this:

Eggs Benedict



After a roll or two, I got bored with paying $3 a picture for moderately interesting results. (Yes, I know about The Impossible Project, but my qualms about price still stand.) I essentially wanted this to happen, but whatever. I give up.

Sooooo then I spent years pining for an Instax Mini. It's the excitement of an instant camera (and flash, hooray) combined with slightly less depressing prices. Mr. Tax Return just inspired me to splurge.

Does anyone else have one? Do you love it or adore it? Stay tuned for the results.

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