Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Takes the Cakes

One of my favorite slipping-from-relevance products is the cake carrier. No longer, I guess, do people bake a cake and need to bring it somewhere in style. The first time I bought myself baking essentials in the city (muffin tins, pie plate, prep cups, etc. etc.), I also grabbed a plastic cake/cupcake carrier so I could transport baked goodies without ruining them.

Of course, it's hideous.

A random blog post somewhere must have informed me that cake carriers were a Thing back in the day, and of course that lead to an Etsy search. Here's the landscape:

Hard plastic and gorgeous font
Chrome with matching storage
Metal flowers
More chrome
Teal and steel
Retro enough for you? That's wood grain on copper

I was rearing for a sexy, sleek cake carrier until BAM—found this one for $10. I'll keep the plastic case for lugging around cupcakes [it has high sides], but give me one hint of the existence of vintage cupcake carriers, and that'll be enough for me.

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