Monday, February 20, 2012

Sew Sweet

The day has finally arrived. I bought my first sewing machine.

Growing up, my mom always sewed my Halloween costumes and made gorgeous Renaissance dresses for my Madrigals choir. I've occasionally screwed around with her machine, remaking a skirt or hacking together a cushion here or there. A semester of middle school home ec also taught me that I was semi-capable, as long as there was someone to thread the machine for me.


Yesterday, I took a sewing 101 class at the Brooklyn Artists Gym (thanks, Groupon!). It was a Come to Jesus, beginning to end, threading to buttonhole deal, and now I feel confident.

After much research, here's my cheapish but good machine, the Singer Talent:

Top Drop In Bobbin or GTFO.

I'm going to start with fixing some hems and making a pillow, but after that—it's on to the big guns.

Two vintage patterns I grabbed from a seller on Etsy.

I've also got my eye on some simple crinoline patterns. And who knew Vogue patterns reprinted their classic "vintage" ones? I'm so looking forward to losing my eyesight and straining my back on these guys.


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