Friday, February 17, 2012

Got My Eye On: Edwardian

Of COURSE I bootlegged Downton Abbey before its US debut, of COURSE I adore Edwardian clothing and of COURSE I am constantly on the hunt for tattered white lace garments.

Just a few weeks ago, I came across a stunning white Edwardian dress in a Carroll Garden vintage store. Problem numero uno: $1500. Ah. I did, however, refer to it as the "Victorian ghost child dress" for the rest of the week to my long-suffering boyfriend.

Here are a few lacy, Edwardian-inspired things I could really get into.


Just add a leather jacket and some interesting headgear for the Tavi look.

I suspect her dress is closer to an '80s Edwardian revival, but the effect is what I'm going for.

A blouse, perhaps?

Paste brooch (I'm all about paste)

Crochet effect

Ghostly garden party

Or, you know, go  full-on actual Edwardian like Harriet from Bright Young Twins.

I assume that lifestyle is in no way expensive or complicated.

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