Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Dance With E-Books

I finally pulled the trigger and bought myself a Kindle.

Will wonders never cease!

The first indication I needed one was about halfway through the most recent Game of Thrones tome, A Dance With Dragons. [Fig. A] Weighing in at about 54 pounds and with a wingspan of approximately 27 inches long, it took its own bag to heft to and from work via the subway.

On the other hand, why get an e-reader? The popularity of the HBO series has made it acceptable to read the book in public, which removes the purpose of trying to hide the cover with technology. (Not to go all BACK IN MY DAY… but I started these books in 9th grade, when it was a freakish and hilarious thing to see a relatively normal looking lady reading a thick fantasy novel in plain view of… anyone.)

[Fig. A]

Anyway, the experience of trying to enjoy that novel on a whim while commuting just deadened me to subway reading. I'm nearly done with this one now (it's great), but again the hard cover'd, heavy nature of the thing is keeping me from taking it along wherever I go.

Enter the Kindle.

I had never wanted to get an e-reader because I'm one of those incredibly exhausting people who enjoys the act of reading a book or a newspaper. (Believe me, I realize how goddamn annoying that sounds.) After all, pretty much everything else in my life has gone digital, so being able to smell a book and flip through pages is a nice way to physically connect to what's becoming a lost pastime.

But whatever, books are fucking bulky.

I'm going to try out a NYPL card to take out e-books online. And if that doesn't work, Amazon Prime has a nice deal where you can pay $80/year to rent one book a month. Luckily, I have cultivated a rather fascinating and bizarre reading list to get through. A lot of those are "for keeps" coffee table-style books, but we'll give it the ol' e-book college try.

Let's see how this goes. Anyone have any Kindle tips for me? I'm not buying a case at the moment, which might be a bad move for a klutz.

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