Friday, January 6, 2012

Warby Parker

Thanks mostly, I assume, to the gnarly florescent lighting at work and my habit of wearing contacts from 7AM until 11PM or whenever I go to bed, my eyes are SHOT. My contacts despise me and frequently hurt, itch, cause vision problems and make me cry.


I've switched to mostly wearing glasses during the week, which not only relaxes my eyes but also gives me a rather studious (maybe a bit peevish, too) look. And since I wear glasses about five days out of the week now, I thought I should invest in a second pair. Keep things fresh, ya know.

My first thought was Warby Parker, an online glasses dealer who can do frames and prescription lenses (complete with high index coating or process, or whatever it takes to compress my Coke bottle lenses into a manageable size) for around $135. Not bad.

Warby Parker does this great Home Try On system where you pick five frames and they'll send them for a free, five day loan. I tried this a few months ago and didn't find anything I liked enough. But with a new vision (hah), I decided to try it again.

What I want is a slightly bigger, chunkier frame than what I have now, with either black or a more pronounced tortoiseshell pattern. Is it weird that my frame inspiration is all men? Basically, I want to look like a German architect in the '60s.

Colin Firth in A Single Man

Christopher Plummer in Beginners

Buddy Holly

Jarvis Cocker

Yves Saint Laurent

Michael Caine

I know it's weird, but I already have a normal pair. I want SPECTACLES.

Ok, results later.

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Little Lisa said...

Michael Caine is so sexy.

Thanks for your insight on Warby Parker/BonLook. Finally time to replace my (gasp!) 7-year-old frames.

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