Sunday, January 8, 2012

Warby Parker, II

Crikey. Ignore the painfully awkward feeling behind this photoshoot and instead steel your mind toward deciding which you prefer. Keep in mind these are clear lenses and trial frames, so everything looks a little wonky and crooked.

On the one hand, we have Option A: "Crosby."

On the other, Option B: "Thatcher."

It's hard to tell, but Option B is actually a tortoiseshell pattern. I think Option B is my choice.




Or B!


lilmissjen said...

I think because the color in A is a little warmer, it goes more nicely with your hair/skin tones. Buuuut I do like the shape of B.

You could always get both.

Miss Singer said...

I'd say A. It looks less harsh on your skin.

Jess Judkins said...

I love B on you!

Melissa Blake said...

ooh. A definitely!

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