Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tinkering Around Brooklyn

Yesterday was engineered around using up a Groupon for the Cobble Hill Cinemas. Down we headed from North Brooklyn into the perfect brownstone'd south.

First was brunch at Prime Meats. After only two visits, it's definitely one of my favorite restaurants in New York. I had poached eggs and smoked salmon over grits, and a side of mushroom spƤtzle (SERIOUS WORM ALERT). Plus I had a little glass (ok, TWO, ok?) of the brunch punch, which changes every weekend—this time, it was some mix of gin, Aperol, green tea, and other delicious things.

One of the reasons I love the place is its colonial interior and turn of the century details.

After, we walked around Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill. I'd never been around the Gowanus Canal before, so we crossed it to check out Film Biz, a prop shop where you can rent or buy used goodies.

Then to the cinema for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

I had wanted to see the movie for a while (helllo, Colin Firth in a British spy novel movie? Talk to me later). It was strange, though—I'd heard all about the movie's "Mid-Century" sets. But the costumes kept confusing me because I could have sworn we were watching a movie set in the '70s. When I got home, lo and behold—it was set in 1973, but the costume and art departments wanted it to seem natural. As in, when the '70s hit, nobody threw out all their Mid-Century stuff. The result is a great mix of '50, '60 and '70s costumes, sets and hair/makeup.

The movie itself was confusing, with quick scene changes and a long list of characters we had to keep straight. I do recommend it for the beautiful costumes and sets alone. And Gary Oldman.

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