Wednesday, January 25, 2012


As an entry level hedonist, I find extreme joy in buying as much Lush as I can get my hot little hands on.

What's better than opening up the ol' medicine cabinet and getting a hit of pure botanical handmade cosmetic smell? Aaand a lot of Lush's stuff melts or has crazy consistencies that allow you to feel like a mad scientist experimenting in your bathroom. Plus, the packaging. Just look at how cute it is.

The first, and falling under the aforementioned lab project category, is the Ginger and fennel sugar scrub.

I bought this because it smells like Heaven, but now the website is telling me it's great for stimulating my skin. Excellent. I get to put it in a miso soup takeout container and occasionally scoop green goop onto my body. What's the most interesting thing YOU've done in the shower recently?

(Don't answer that.)

My favorite shampoo, Big.

I love the texture (it feels like sea salt and then melts into your hair) and the smell. Plus, it de-grimes your head. I don't need a volumizing shampoo, so I just keep coming back thanks to the other great stuff about it.

My most recent purchases were the cleanser and an eye cream. Figured I might as well start an eye cream now, to prevent future wrinkle freakouts. The cleanser takes off every stitch of my makeup and leaves my skin soft.

(Check it out: each bottle has a sticker with the guy or girl who made it. Servicey.)

Introducing... Marilyn. Made with chamomile, it's a hair mask for blonde hair. It smells like tea, so I sometimes have problems not licking it off my head.

My favorite face mask, Catastrophe Cosmetic. Chunks of blueberries, what more do you want.

Lush is pricey, but I love it. Maybe I'll start returning some of these empty pots for free stuff (another amazing bonus).



MissAlyssa said...

Love this post! I too am obsessed with Lush :)

sunnylove said...

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Anna said...

Thanks for the nice comments, guys.

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