Monday, January 16, 2012

Brunch Pizza

For someone born and raised in Chicago, schooled in Boston and living in New York, I have a startlingly impressive ability to forget how cold the winters can get. This weekend was the first really cold one of the season, and I felt it.

To keep warm, I spent Saturday afternoon with the boyfriend's family. They tried Pies 'N' Thighs for the first time, saw both our apartments and got to know The Gutter. I also saw Real Estate and Girls at Terminal 5, which is apparently the best venue in the country? Har. News to me.

Pre-show dinner at 5 Napkin. Where's Waldo?

And Sunday, I saw that apartment. The space itself was cool, but I don't relish living in Bushwick. I did get a brunch at Roberta's out of the whole thing, however. BRUNCH. PIZZA. Haven't been? Get thee hence immediately.

Awards season kicked off with the Golden Globes. For me, that means intensive Red Carpet coverage and a flashy, loose glitter manicure.

(Also, in what universe does Bryan Cranston not win for Breaking Bad? At least the Lannisters took home some gold.)

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