Thursday, December 15, 2011

Second Place

My bake-off entry pulled a stone cold second place.

I had decided to do these salted caramel cupcakes again, only in mini form.

As someone who bakes relatively often, I'm ashamed to say I rarely use room temperature butter and eggs. I usually have to do a trick with cutting the butter into super small pieces, or melting it partway in a sauce pan. But this time, I did it properly. And holy shit did it make a difference.

The little mini cupcakes came out perfectly, light and fluffy with enough room for my avant garde (read: shitty) piping skills.

I need to ask Santa for a real piping kit. And I should probably watch a few YouTube videos.

Still, what's better than a moist cake with salted caramel frosting? Correct: not much.

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