Thursday, December 29, 2011

Porcelain Dreams

No matter how hard I scrub*, my bathroom floor always looks a bit dirty. The area beneath my clawfoot tub is impossible to reach without climbing under there. (And the whole bathroom is generally too dark to show off a clean floor, anyhow.) Shower curtains get soap scummy after a few days. Stainless steel anything is a joke as long as water or toothpaste exist in the vicinity.



Things have changed since I moved in, but here's the general look and feel of my salle de bain.

My ideal bathroom only exists in my head, alas.

Thus, I direct you to these gorgeous bathrooms, all of which feature a shiny clawfoot tub of my dreams. How do they get the floor that clean underneath?

Does anyone have a tip that doesn't involve me squeezing half my body into a space that hasn't been touched in (I can say confidently) at least two years? Maybe closer to ten, by the look of it? My Swiffer has tried and waved the white flag almost immediately.

*Disclaimer: I've only scrubbed really hard like, once. Then I realized it was fruitless. Obviously.

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