Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Got My Eye On...

Holidays are fast approaching, and the space under my desk is starting to look like a UPS warehouse. I did a lot of my shopping on Etsy. As a result, the fallout from finding other cool things [FOR MYSELF] got added to my favorites. It has become encyclopedia-esque. Here are a few things I have my eye on.

Alpaca collar
Affordable antique rings

I nearly buy myself this every month or so. I love stacking rings, I love antique rings, I love diamonds, I want everything. Perfect for casual, everyday wear.

Vintage punch bowls

For all the Mid-Century Modern dinner parties I will eventually be throwing... right?

Cotton candy glasses
Sewing patterns

But more importantly, I want a sewing machine. It's high time I made my own curtains, pillows and attempted some vintage or new patterns like this one.
Crocheted doily
And a grandma blanket. Perfect.

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