Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kent St

Boyfriend and I are apartment hunting and came across something MAGNIFICENT the other day.

120 Kent. A high-ceiling, sunny brownstone in the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The price tag is a little much. (You like them apples, non-New York people? Laugh and laugh at my sorrow. $2600 for a one bed in BROOKLYN.) But just LOOK. They can fit two couches in there.

By the time I had emailed the realtor, the place was already rented. We're not moving until the spring, but I thought, you know. Maybe he could just pretend the place didn't exist until we were ready to snatch it up.

Oh well.

Being my mother's daughter, I engineered a stalk/walk past the place on Sunday afternoon. Seeing it in person confirmed that I definitely want to live on that street. Make it so, universe.

Kent St is part of Greenpoint's unsung historic district. The whole street is a five minute walk from the subway and a wide wide avenue of gorgeous Victorian brownstones. Nothing like the '60s fake paneled crumbly crap that most people associate with Greenpoint.

Keep fingers crossed for us that something similar, and cheaper, and with a washer/dryer, comes up in the spring. A girl can dream.

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