Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Everything's Bigger

I've always been suspicious that things were bigger in Texas. So, this weekend, I went down to Houston to investigate. (And pay a visit to my best ginger friend, Jess.)

First, there was the small plane/layover/Chick-fil-A feast.


We had some beers (and a taco) at an Icehouse. They are like open air, BYOB bars? Very strange. But delicious.

When we got back to Jess's house (PEOPLE RENT HOUSES IN TEXAS), her boyfriend had bought Katie and I "Welcome to Texas" coozies.

Glittery Jess

HUGE burritos covered in cheese sauce (shut up, thighs)

Chilis in the beer

Then we went to the Ren Faire! About an hour away from Houston is the nation's biggest. How appropriate.

My unicorn



Take one

Aaand take two

It was pretty fantastic. I used to go to the Bristol Renaissance Faire when I was growing up, so this was familiar and yet totally new and different. We even saw a wench nipple hanging out of a corset! How cool is that.

We finished out the weekend with a trip to BHLDN, the wedding/special event store owned by Anthropologie. Which I cannot. Even. Describe. To you. I got a gorgeous sage-colored birdcage veil on supah!sale, which I will probably find a way to wear to brunch or the laundromat.

The three of us cooked a big Sunday night dinner, with them making two huge things of lasagna. I grated cheese and made cookies. Priorities. Then, it was back to the Big Apple, feeling smaller than usual.

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