Sunday, October 23, 2011

Made Up

One of my small dreams for the future is to have a vanity. (Small dreams, I said. It's not one of my big dreams, like starting a family and owning the top floor of an East London converted warehouse.)

Why a vanity? Well, I have a lot of makeup and it's currently living under my bed. Dusty makeup. I would like to keep choice objects within reach, and in the process, be able to establish a home base. For makeup application. Keep repeating to yourself: small dreams.

In pursuit of my [small] dream, I recently bought a vintage lipstick holder. Here are a few of the beauts who will live in this object.

My lipstick collection is much larger than this, but I only wear a few. And not that often, really. But when the mood strikes, I need to go balls-deep into some paint.

From the left:

Lipstick Queen Medieval: a perfect, perfect thing. I've bought four at least. It's a cherry red, sheerish shade that stains your mouth for a few hours. Based on the lemons women used to use to get a reddish tint, apparently.
Mac's Ruby Woo: The perfect matte red. This one is the classic. It takes about 20 minutes to get in the zone and make sure nothing flaky is going on, but then it usually goes all night.
Mac's Girl About Town: Traffic-stopping magenta. The texture is fantastic, very creamy and pretty.

On the ground:
Kat Von D's Stiletto: Orange red that's less matte than Ruby Woo. I happen to love Kat's stuff, and swear by her concealer.
YSL Black Tulip: Looks scary in the tube, works out well in reality. It is very dark purple with a relatively sheer execution.


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