Monday, October 10, 2011

Home Away From Home

With all this talk about my apartment, I thought it was high time I mentioned the place I spend the other half of my time: my boyfriend's apartment.

He lives in a "two bedroom" railroad (read: one bedroom with two mini rooms) at the northernmost tip of Brooklyn, in Greenpoint. The place is spacious and light and has a huge kitchen.

The kitchen is his domain. Just this last Sunday, he cooked the final tomato pie of the season with a mix of regular red guys and heirlooms. It was magnificent.

This is my new favorite corner of the place.

A: My empty Pyrex pie dish. I was planning on making Shoofly Pie, but the goshdarn humidity and my general pastry ineptitude killed everything. It's resting on a bright yellow dresser we found on the street and lugged up four flights of stairs. Now, it's a little prep area next to the stove.

B: New Ikea spice rack. The spices used to live in a line down the kitchen fireplace mantle, but now it's organized.

C: Crème de Cassis and Pimms. Both were gifts, both are essentially mine.

D: New Brooklyn print from These Are Things. I already have this one, but I bought him the Brooklyn one and this one for me on sale from here. Phew.

E: He's been collecting various postcards from restaurants in the neighborhood. This one's from Diner.

Coming up: huge American flags and other manly décor.

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