Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bummer Budgets

I recently visited to update my account and OH DEAR LORD WHY IS THERE SO MUCH RED.

Let's just say I sure do like my creature comforts. While I'm not frivolous or splashing out on stuff all the time, the little things add up.

So. I created some budgets and stuck a post-it on my work monitor with some helpful tips.

In the "NO" category: fee-chargin' bodega ATMs. I call them "Gypsy ATMs" because they are just like gypsy cabs—they only show up when you're desperate and then take all the money. Then, of course, I just need to stay away from Etsy forever. Sob.

In the "Less" category: "Fast" food (looking at you, Seamless and GrubHub), cabs (I spent $60 in a month, which is low for New York, but still) and impulse nail polish buys at the pharmacy. Seriously, how can one human spend so much on nail polish and conditioner?

Belt tightening: GO!

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