Monday, October 24, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Round up of the past few weeks, courtesy of my stunning iPhone photography.

Blurry strange puppy at the laundromat

Taken at this. Can you see the speck of Bill Murray down there? No? (I didn't know how to zoom on iOS 5 yet. Derp.)

Erotic City at Brooklyn Bowl. Yes, a Prince cover band named Erotic City. Bet you feel bad about your boring life now, huh?

His (obviously)


And the nook got into the spirit with some cobwebs. It's pretty Halloweeny year round.

My first ever Shoofly Pie (both making it and tasting it)

Hello Kitty

Dinner at Panna II post-Ghost Tour in the East Village. No orbs here, so we're good.

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