Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My newest thing, that thing that sticks out in my head when I'm dicking around on Etsy or Ebay or clicking through lookbooks online, is vintage lingerie worn as outerwear.

We're not talking Madonna bullet bra here. I mean more like an oyster satin slip peeking out from under a dress, or a frilly robe worn as a coat.

Ashley from Fancy Fine has a gorgeous one, and this Kimono jacket from Urban Outfitters, of all places, is wispy and flowery and perfect.

However, I refuse on principle to pay Urban Outfitters prices in exchange for the shitty quality clothing they produce.

To the internet!

Within a few minutes, I discovered a "bed jacket"/robe was called a peignoir back in the day (comes from peigner, "to comb"). Here are some pretty ones:

Can you imagine showing up to bed in this? Your guy wouldn't know where to start.

I would totally wear this pink one from the '30s.

Pretty Swiss Dot collar

Here's the one I bought:

From here, of all places, a cheap Odette Barsa light blue peignoir. Do a quick search and you can easily find the same one (or try pink), sometimes with the original matching nightgown.

I will report back when it arrives and I can take it for a spin as a coat/long cardigan thing. Taking bets how high on the Granny Scale this one will hit.

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