Monday, September 26, 2011

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As someone who spent considerable childhood time at midwestern state fairs and the Bristol Renaissance Faire, I am no stranger to fried food.

Having said that, the Big E really put my training to the test.

The boyfriend and I traveled to Connecticut where his family picked us up and swooped us off to the fair. Now, this fair was relatively new to me (compared to a State Fair or a Ren Faire): it has rides and fair games, of course, plus a big farm animal/horse section. PLUS the state houses, which was my favorite part. They are big, beautiful buildings representing each of the New England states. Inside each one is food, crafts and other goodies unique to that state. Picture lots and lots of maple syrup, essentially.

(Big "E"... get it?) O hai big frizzy hair.

We walked around for hours, checking out the sites and having a good time.

Beer tent

Creepy floats

Communing with nature

Then came the truly shocking, bizarre and shameful eating. I tried a fried Oreo and pondered these guys:

Fried dough and fried Kool Aid

And, the worst part of my day:

A "cheesesteak" that was actually just a roll, a chunk of "steak," some defeated onions, and a few LADLEFULS of beige cheese. I spent the whole day playing chicken with my stomach, expecting some truly horrible side effects. It was a miracle nothing bad happened.

Then, the whole gang made our way to Hartford to eat at the restaurant run by the boyfriend's mom, Dish. I had probably the best lobster bisque ever, then some delicious clam spaghetti. We topped off the Day of Gluttony with some ridiculously good desserts.

I'd like to thank my body for not turning on me. I promise to go easy this week.

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