Friday, August 5, 2011

Money Tree

Back to school shopping easily tops my list of favorite childhood memories. Mom would take us to get stationary (college-ruled or die), pens, glue, pencil cases and anything else on our supply list. Then we'd head over to the fancy strip mall and stock up on sweaters and jeans for the fall. I'd go home and wear my sweaters around the house, even though it was 80 degrees outside and anything black, dark purple or hunter green was reserved for goths in the summer.

Because I don't own a money tree, these days I can't completely refresh my entire wardrobe for fall. But I've also been avoiding H&M, Forever 21 and other fast fashion places for a while in order to save up for better quality stuff. Here are two things I'm saving up for.

Larch bag from Valhalla Brooklyn

Frye Engineer 12R boots

What are you pinching pennies for?

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