Wednesday, August 3, 2011


SO. Two years in a row I missed the Governor's Island Jazz Age Party and I am not missing it again.

Of course, my "post war"-loving self would give my crinoline to attend the Chap Olympiad in London, but as far as decade-themed summer dance parties go, beggars can't be complainers. (Heh. Also, #whitewhine.)

Jazz Age party:

Chap Olympiad:

Chap Olympiad, 2009 from Will Jordan on Vimeo.

Oh well.

So, me being me, I can't just show up in jeans. And while I have been collecting mid century dresses for a while, I lack most things Art Deco. Well, that's not true—I have a beautiful black '20s dress and another from the '30s. But black isn't suitable for sipping cocktails on the lawn in August.

It doesn't help that the boxy, square silhouette from that time doesn't suit me at all. Cloche hats pinch my hair. I am easily annoyed by not being able to drink wherever I want. (Prohibition joke?) That's why I think expanding "1920s Jazz Age" to include the more fitted '30s silhouette is probably okay. Vanity.

I have two vaguely '30s-style modern dresses that could work, but I know I'd be lighter on my feet in true vintaaaage. To the internets...!

(Not all of these fit my body or the budget, but this is basically what I want.)




'30s chiffon



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