Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I was searching for "Pyrex glass" on Etsy the other day ( you do), and I discovered a MAGNIFICENT THING.

You see, I am quite the fan of what we'll call "vintage cookware" (ugh) and have always wanted a set of casserole dishes. I could in theory make all types of meals with them. Plus, they remind me of my Polish side of the family's big potluck holiday dinners when I was a kid.

Almost everyone in my family had a few Snowflake patterned casserole dishes. But this last Etsy search introduced me to...


The PINK Gooseberry Cinderella Pyrex pattern.

(Yes yes I realize I am passionately telling you about a pattern of now-defunct casserole dishes.)

Look how cussin' cute these things are:


1 Qt

Tuna Casserole-ready

The pattern dates from the '50s (duh) and, since it's not rare, it's relatively cheap. BINGO.

So, looking at my kitchen:

-I have a KitchenAid in pistachio

-My Le Creuset color is Dijon [I fucking love that I have a Le Creuset color—but a Dutch oven and two baking dishes make it my color.]

-Future Pyrex pattern: GOOSEBERRY PINK

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