Monday, July 25, 2011


This weekend was a delicate balancing act of trying to go outside to show Jess around and trying to stay inside and be completely AC'd at all times. I think we did okay.

Friday night was Restaurant Week at famed steakhouse The Palm.

Here's a hilariously poor iPhone camera recap:

The caricatures all over the walls.

The Kryans (Katie/Ryan)

And the ladies.

I got a steak, as one does. It showed up and stared me down with balsamic onion eyes.

And C went teeth first into his.

The next morning, C and I got taco brunch.

I always say he's on a field trip—flat brimmed hats, excited strolling down the sidewalk—and then he does things like this that completely prove me right.

Then we all met up at The Gutter and drank. Didn't bowl.

And played with fans, too.

Sunday, we all met up again at Calexico for five orders of carne asada rolled quesadillas.


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