Thursday, June 23, 2011

Phone Dump

Since last we spoke, I did a lot of nails (all mine, if that raised any weird flags), shopped, gothed around my apartment, went to Chicago for my sister's graduation and chilled with some dogs. Behold, from the archives of my phone...!

Nails (Sally Hansen nails stickers on the left and my handiwork with the green and pink nailpolish from Urban Outfitters on the right.)

Shopped (pillow on the left from here and print from somewhere I can't find at the moment. Both from the Renegade Craft Fair.)

Gothed (that's laundry on the left and the result of me melting a red candle into an old Hendricks bottle for the nook on the right.)

Baked some cookies

Chilled with some dogs (coworker's on the left and my family's on the right.)

Woke dogs up from naps to capture that smooshed face look

And watched my sister graduate from Northwestern. Stephen Colbert put on quite a show at the Commencement.

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what dee says said...

The dresses in the window are so pretty. Even with the "We Love Our Customers" hangers....

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