Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My favorite jewelry store, Catbird, is handily (unfortunately) located a few blocks from my apartment. I always peek on the way to and from the subway, and the other day they had a deal on Refinery where I could get half off my purchase.

I LEAPT at the chance. Like a hideous leaping thing.

Now, I'm torn between this itty bitty, teeny tiny white sapphire ring, which comes in under budget. But it's a bit too small in real life:

Or throwing a few extra bones in (OKAY FINE it's twice as much) for this five pavé diamond one, which I really really like:

I think I might move some pennies around and go for the second one. Either way, the ring will get stacked with one of my other ones, so I know it'll be lovely whichever I choose.

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