Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Recently I came across (Tumblr'd, probably, but who knows) whispers of a failed Spooks/MI5 spinoff. Now, I'm a huge Spooks fan. It's like Alias combined with darrrk creepy scenes of London combined with delicious Merchant Ivory posh accents. Spooks Code 9, I says to myself. Hm.

After no small amount of poking around, I discovered that the show takes place in 2012, after a nuclear bomb is detonated at the London Olympics. London is destroyed and MI5 recruits a young (and sexy, obviously) team to infiltrate any future terrorist cells and protect the world! W00t! I... got a hold of the six episodes. And I was GRIPPED.


Spooks Code 9 promo by hamster1992

The hero is a young mathematician (who keeps going, "How could I be useful to the team? I'm a MATHEMATICIAN." Dude. You are well aware that knowing math could be helpful in trillions of ways. Which is why you bothered to study it in the first place. Cripes.). There's two chicks, one of whom we are to view as the "hot one" and one who is actually funny, interesting, smart and has radiation sickness. WHOA, right? Another one is a former doctor wrapped up in some kind of murder conspiracy that never gets resolved. Then there's two other dudes that basically talk a few times and serve no other purpose than taking up space, as far as I can tell.

Antics abound! The actual writing is terrible, of course, and the plot drags like a mothercusser. The idea behind it, though: that London is a wasteland, that the country is facing another bomb of that magnitude, that someone within MI5 is behind the attack... That's what got me.

And of course, since the show got cancelled after one season, the season finale cliffhanger is tragic. Major sighs.

I wouldn't recommend it unless you have oodles of interest in intriguing but poorly written British dramas, but there you are. And the tagline?

For Queen, for country, for kicks


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