Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hey Baby

I was proud of myself this morning. I got up, went for a run and made it farther than I had expected to go. But the only thing I could take away from this morning? Was that, a block away from my house, I got catcalled by a bunch of old, fat warehouse workers.

It infuriates me that people think we don't think we live in a rape culture. [Read that.] That people think grown men—at their work, in a neighborhood community that is nearly 100% safe and a block away from a magnet school—are allowed in some way to make kissy noises en masse at a young woman.

It's not a looks thing. You think I looked attractive after my run?

It's a power thing. They see a woman getting up early, trying to take care of herself in some way and they want to bring that down. They wanted to make me feel helpless. And it worked.

I wanted to scream at them. Do they have daughters, or sisters or mothers? How would they like it if a GROUP of men attacked them like that? Because, while (thank God) nobody touched me, or even got close to me, I still felt targeted because I'm a woman.

Not that it matters, but I wasn't in their way. I specifically crossed the street so I wouldn't interfere with their work in any way. But even if I had run through the center of the warehouse, calling a woman names isn't okay.

In the past, I've gotten grabbed on the street while walking. I've been catcalled day and night and been called names and heard kissy sounds. I am lucky to never have been through anything worse than that. But the idea that some people blame the victim of rape for how they look, or act or even for just being there at the wrong time? I want to throw something. Rape is a power issue, and thinking that catcalling or anything more than that is just a part of life needs to be stopped.

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