Monday, April 18, 2011

Dust Then Rain

With the boyfriend moving into a railroad apartment in Greenpoint and me always in need of cheap secondhand stuff to fill my apartment, Saturday was set aside for shopping. I stirred up enough dust to keep me sneezing all day.

There were huge mirrors,

Sparkly little hats,

And finally, success for me at Stella Dallas.

Consequently, the '50s dress is sitting on an original Eames chair at Katie and Ryan's apartment on the UWS, where we went for a dinner party that night. The dress and chair were swapping stories about the good old days, I assume.

Katie’s a big Apartment Therapy/Design Sponge fan, so their apartment is stunning.

Ryan made strong drinks,

Crowl blended into the couch,

While the Kryans misdirected their hunger.

And the food wasn’t too shabby, either. Beef Stroganoff ravioli? Don’t mind if we do.

I brought a carrot cake

Which got eaten top down. There’s just something magical about cream cheese frosting. Put that on my tombstone.

We spent the rest of the night dodging the rain and listening to the thunder. (Nobody was harmed in the taking of this photo.)

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